Raw No Sugar Added Apple Sauce

I need to share this so here it goes. Growing up I was an apple sauce addict. I would basically drink it I just loved it. Once I was at the kitchen table with my parents and they left out a family size jar of apple sauce. They weren’t paying much attention but I ate the entire huge jar of apple sauce in one sitting. I ended up with a huge belly filled with tons of apple sauce.

Now as an adult who is trying to eat much healthier then I did as a child I love apple sauce still, but prefer homemade no added sugar apple sauce.

This raw apple sauce is so tasty and tastes very close to what homemade cooked apple sauce tastes like just much quicker to make.


3 large apples peeled

Juice of half a lemon



Peel and dice apples add to food processor or high speed blender and add in lemon juice and a few dashes of cinnamon and blend well to make an apple sauce texture.

That’s it easy as apple pie!