White Bean Mashed Potatoes

Heck yeah to this delicious dinner! Why did it take me 37 years to think to throw white beans in with mashed potatoes? Vegan cooking experiment for the win!

Sorry I don’t blog very often I’m working on way too many things at the moment. I’m attempting to write some kids books, working on drawing adult coloring books, about to start selling art, feel like the freaking cat in the hat getting nowhere with my zillions of other ventures as an entrepreneur. One day it will all fall into place or at least I hope.

Since I must cook daily I’ll try to post more recipes, I am saving some for the cookbook I hope to publish.

Onto this recipe of goodness all wrapped up in perfect comfort food for this rainy night in N.J.


1/3 cup white beans

1 large yellow potato

1/4 cup cashew cream ( simply blend soaked and drained cashews with water to a thick cream consistency)

Water to blend

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp garlic powder

Sea salt to taste


Boil water and cook potatoes. Once cooked ( I use my food processor seeing I find it to be easiest) add all the ingredients and blend. I added water a bit at a time just to get it to fully blend. Takes about 5 minutes if that to fully blend. I sautéed collard greens, garlic, and onion for the side to this.


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