Wild Blueberry Coconut Nice Cream (Vegan, Raw)

Winter, spring, summer, or fall I will eat nice cream morning, noon, or night!

I hope for any blog followers if you have been following for a bit you’ve tried out a banana nice cream that I’ve posted.

I need to stock up on frozen fruit again running low. This one was so so so good! Quick and easy as well, and that’s what I love about nice cream!

Feel free to throw on a cacao, peanut butter, oat bite as well.


3 small frozen bananas

1 cup frozen wild blueberries

1/2 cup frozen coconut meat chunks. I buy mine from Trader Joe’s. Can use fresh coconut meat as well.

Non dairy milk to blend

In food processor or vitamix add in the frozen banana and coconut meat and a bit of non dairy milk and blend until creamy. I added half of that mixture to a bowl and set in the freezer. Now add in blueberries and blend until well combined. Now layer the two in a glass and dig on in.


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