Carob Waffle with Cherry Nice Cream ( gluten free, vegan)


Loving cherries at the moment. I’m drastically cutting my calories in hopes to get my weight issues under control ( hate hypothyroidism) so I was just planning on having the cherry nice cream for breakfast, but said screw it I want waffles and nice cream. So I settled with one carob Waffle. Totally happy and at peace with my decision I’ll just snack less today.

Ingredients for waffles :
1 cup gluten free oat flour
2 flax seed eggs ( 2 tablespoons flax meal 6 tablespoons water )
3 tablespoons extra water to combine
3 tablespoons coconut syrup ( any liquid sweetener will do)
2 heaping tablespoons carob powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Then heat your waffle iron to setting 3 and pour batter on and allow to fully cook.

While the waffle is cooking prepare the nice cream.

Ingredients for cherry nice cream:
1 large frozen banana
1/2 cup pitted cherries
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 tablespoon tart cherry extract ( optional if you don’t have but gives good flavor)

Add all the ingredients to the food processor and blend well to combine.

Once waffles are done top with the nice cream and a few cherries if you’d like and enjoy!

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