Raw Apple Doughnuts


I studied nutrition to become an integrative nutrition health coach and a part of my course was learning over 100 different dietary theories. One of those diets I attempted to follow was fully raw. I successfully ate fully raw for 3 months.

Raw is an amazing lifestyle and I don’t doubt it’s healing powers, but it just wasn’t something that was working for my body to thrive at its best. What I’m grateful for is now I can create really yummy raw food recipes.

This is my version of a raw apple doughnut. Quite easy and so good!

Raw Apple Doughnuts

1 green apple
Almond butter (recipe below)
Caramel Date syrup (10 medjool dates)
Unsweetened shredded coconut


Slice apple into circular cuts. With a small cookie cutter pop out the middle of the apple so you have what looks like a doughnut.

Set apple aside

Date syrup recipe

Add 10 medjool dates to a high speed blender. Add in 1/2 cup milk, 1 teaspoon coconut oil, pinch of shredded coconut. Blended until it’s the consistency of a sauce.

Take apple slices add to plate.

Add almond butter on first, then spread on some date syrup, then cinnamon and top with shredded coconut.

This would be a great after school snack for kids, I personally love this after a workout.

This is another version and less complicated to cut.


Apple slice with almond butter, date sauce, and cinnamon.

I typically make homemade almond butter. Super easy to whip up.

In food processor add 1 cup almonds.
Ready for this it’s so easy.
Press the button to start the food processor and let it blend. You may have to push down the sides as it runs because it will still to the side of the food processor. Let it run until it’s combined to a creamy consistency.

Currently my food processor is broke so and I haven’t attempted a nut butter in my vitamix so we have been purchasing the fresh almond butter from whole foods.

I try to stick to fresh ingredients always it’s just how I feel my best.

Hope you enjoy!

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